Web Marketing

Web Marketing

How can your company succeed online?

Your Specialty
For small businesses is important to specialize. That way you can take advantage of placing your web site on the first search result page. You can’t compete with large companies on generic keywords like “computer”, “translation”, or “gifts”. Successful small businesses are those who target very specialized products and services. You need to find your niche.


1. What is unique about my business?

2. What products or services I am offering?

3. Why is my business better than others in the same industry?


Answers for these questions will help you to market yourself on the web. You can’t be all things to all people, so find the niche in the market that is looking for your products or services. Send them a strong marketing message to show how unique you are.

Once you get potential customer on your web site, it is time to let them know what you do. Here you can use clients’ stories about how you understand things no one else does, and how you can solve the problem your target market has. Tell stories of the customer problems you have solved. You can use professional writers to write customers’ stories.

More stories with different problems provide more opportunities for posting different keywords. Your web site will get more targeted traffic from search engines. Not only will these problem-oriented customer stories attract searchers, but they will capture the interest of people who might link to your site, also.


1. Do you solve customer problems?

2. What exactly you do better than everyone else?

3. What is your specialty?


Why is it a good business/marketing practice to have more than one web site?

There is no question about whether or not to have a web site for any size of business. There is no question about one or more pages for a web site. Can you think of benefits of having more than one web site for business?

Several web sites can help you in many situations.

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