What is Search Engine Optimization SEO?

What is Search Engine Optimization SEO?

Search Engine Optimization includes activity to bring more targeted traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN to your website. Under Targeted Traffic we mean traffic from people who are interested in your products or services and looking for this kind information on Search Engines. In order to make your information available to online visitors your website has to be:


a. Visible to Search Engines – Search Engine friendly.

b. Located on pages 1-3 of the Search Engine results.

c. Contain useful information (text, pictures) or an offer to your potential clients.


SEO is a set of marketing, advertising, communication, web design, and programming techniques that will help promote your website on the web. Getting a higher page ranking on search engines will bring interested and targeted traffic to your business.


Work included in Search Engine Optimization Business Plans

1. Setup an account with traffic analysis software. Generate code for tracking.

2. Links popularity check.

3. Checking of Google Page Rank, Search Engine Positioning and Saturation.

4. Keywords research for each page.

5. We will provide list of keywords for inclusion in website text on each optimized page. It will help to make your web site searchable on Google.

6. Creating Titles and Meta Tags according to the results of keywords research.

7. Navigation analysis and recommendation on updates.

8. Web site design updates recommendations.

9. Statistics analysis – unique visitors, keywords, search engines.

10. Consulting with client on all stages of the project.