How to measure the success of SEO campaign?

How to measure the success of SEO campaign?

There are several ways to measure results of Search Engine Optimization for your website.

  • Analyze web log file.
  • Compare number of visitors, sales, new members or sign up for newsletter.
  • By monitoring traffic to your web site you should able to notice the difference in the number of sales and leads as SEO does for your website pages.
  • You will see changes for your web site Google Page Rank as well.
  • On search engines your website should be visible in the first three pages for your specific keywords and key phrases.

It is better to compare your existing traffic and traffic after Search Engine Optimization. SEO takes from four weeks to four months to get changes noticeable by Search Engines. The length of time depends on the indexing schedule of search engines, type of Search Engine and other factors.

The top placement of your website on Search Engines is not guaranteed forever. Keep an eye on your website ranking and placement on Search Engines for your keywords. Periodically you will have to tweak your SEO with the current keywords and phrases to maintain your Page Ranking. SEO is a time-consuming effort and there are no short cuts for top ranking.


How will you measure your web site success?

This will depend on the results you want to achieve. You might measure your success by an increase in:

  • Web site traffic – Number of visitors
  • Number of news letter subscribers
  • New clients from web site
  • Profit from online sales